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An education with an international perspective, a highly qualified teaching staff and a modern and attractive campus: Find out more about us, the school concept, our sponsors, and our campus in the heart of Olpe.


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At the IB World School in South Westphalia, we offer access to the bilingual German university entrance qualification and the International Baccalaureate (IB). We focus on multilingualism as well as individual learning experiences: learn more about our da


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Modern learning and teaching methods, interesting hands-on projects as well as individual support: take a look at our referrals and find out first-hand what makes the Internationale Schule Südwestfalen [International School of South Westphalia] (ISS) so s


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What are the requirements and benefits of the IB and what are the challenges that students and parents face? Browse through our FAQ to find the answer.


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The ISS is an integral part of the Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe [Olpe Municipal Grammar School] (SGO), the only public high school in the rural urban area of Olpe. With certification as an International School and the IB Diploma program, we offer international students, expat families, and students from the region and beyond a curriculum that is recognized worldwide, as well as the opportunity to earn the International Baccalaureate diploma. In addition to participation in the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, we also offer bilingual classes from grade 5, bilingual school-leaving qualification and numerous STEM


and language courses that go beyond the curricula and guidelines. Practice-oriented teaching, especially in the fields of STEM, as well as new subjects and topics such as language and literature studies, experimental sciences, individuals and societies, or the arts offer new insights into socially relevant topics. We want to inspire and encourage students to develop and expand their own ideas and interests and to grow into self-determining, cosmopolitan, and responsible individuals with modern educational methods throughout the transition from primary school to the secondary level 2.


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"The future belongs to self-confident thinkers who are able to reflect and operate independently in a globalized and digitized world! At the SGO and the ISS, our goal is to support all students in the best possible way with a comprehensive range of learning and academic opportunities along their educational journey to becoming self-determined, strong, and self-confident individuals."


Holger Köster
Headmaster of the Internationale Schule Südwestfalen (ISS) and the
Städtischen Gymnasium Olpe (SGO)

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At International School in South Westphalia we are a community that learns together, fosters responsible interaction, and challenges as well as encourages each individual. Offering individual support and advice, multilingual and social activities, a strong focus on STEM subjects and healthy exercise, we provide encouragement, support, assistance and reassurance in the development of strengths and interests.


The responsible use of digital technologies forms the foundation for forward-looking education. Using modern media equipment, we empower students to act responsibly, confidently, purposefully and to play an active part in the digital world so that they can learn to make use of the opportunities it offers and identify and avert possible dangers.          

IB Baccalaureate
in Olpe

We qualify as an International School in South Westphalia according to the guidelines of the Organisation du Baccalauréat International (OBI). This allows all students to earn the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma) in addition to achieving the German and Bilingual university entrance qualifications. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer the IB Diploma without charging tuition fees.

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The IB Diploma Programme is intended for secondary 2 level students. With an eye toward an increasingly international and multilingual work environment, we offer our bilingual programme to our students from the 5th grade onward. In the bilingual programme, history, geography, and politics are taught successively in bilingual form. In the upper secondary school there is the option of choosing the bilingual university entrance qualification or the IB Diploma. A good command of English is a basic requirement for the IB. English is the language of instruction alongside German, and English is also the language of the examinations.

The transition to a secondary school is a significant change and challenge for primary school children as well as for their parents. What is the right school? What is the right curriculum? Are we overwhelming our child? These are just a few of the questions parents ask themselves. At SGO and ISS, we offer you numerous opportunities to become acquainted with our school and the programmes we offer, and to meet us in person, even before your enrolment date.

After arrival, orientation, strengthening the classroom community and addressing prevention issues, we focus on the fundamental goals of personality development and the discovery of individual strengths and interests in order to enable your child to successfully complete his or her school career. Therefore, we regularly exchange information with the primary schools about subject content, methods, and techniques so that we can adapt our pedagogical concept to your child's learning experience and prepare him or her in the best possible way for the transition to the upper secondary school.

During the introductory phase, we prepare your child systematically with a special emphasis on the requirements of the qualification phase. Even before the summer holidays, we ensure a good start in the upper secondary school with the summer academy. Whether it is the German university entrance qualification, the Bilingual university entrance qualification, or the International Baccalaureate, we work together to find the best solution for your child by providing extensive support and guidance tailored to the individual needs of each student.

School and leisure time combined

ISS after-school programme

Our school is full of life. In addition to our internationally oriented education programmes and intensive learning support, we offer supervised homework assistance, a warm lunch and a variety of extracurricular activities following regular classes. Projects in the


school's own woodland, the DFB talent development programme, the school's own rowing team and many other AG club activities from the fields of STEM, community, and healthy physical activity are all available.