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Exciting projects, new subjects and teaching methods, field trips, experiments and much more. The ISS focuses on multilingual programs, intercultural skills, and value-oriented interaction. Find out


here first-hand what students, parents, sponsors, and the faculty at the International School in Olpe have to say about the curriculum, facilities, projects, the teaching quality, and the extracurricular activities.


Testimonials from our IB students

Portraitbild IB-Schülerin Anastasia

IB-student Anastasia

My favorite subject is ToK - it's like philosophy, but much better!

Portraitbild IB-Schüler Payton

IB-student Payton

"I'm doing the IB Diploma, and I have started that here and I will finish it in America."

Portraitbild IB-Schülerin Lucienne

IB-student Lucienne

"We flew to America as part of ToK, and it was simply fantastic!"

Portraitbild IB-Schülerin Aline

IB-student Aline

The IB was a wonderful enrichment. I am taking away many experiences, memories, and knowledge, and I can only recommend it!

Portraitbild IB-Schüler Jakob

IB-student Jakob

"What I liked most was the opportunity to independently apply and acquire knowledge and projects. Furthermore, the IB is definitely a valuable addition to the resume!"

Portraitbild IB-Schülerin Liane

IB-student Liane

I attended the bilingual program at SGO and am now pursuing the IB at ISS. My goal is to study abroad, and the IB Diploma is a significant help in achieving that.

Insights from the parents

Testimonials from the parents

The ISS community

Portrait einer Mutter einer IB-Schuelerin an der ISS

Insights from Our Parents' Experience


"The fact that the IB was free for us is, of course, absolutely fantastic and not something to be taken for granted!"

Insights from Our Parents' Experience


"The IB Diploma is recognized worldwide, so I recommend it to anyone planning an international career."

Insights from Our Parents' Experience


"With the IB Diploma, our children gain confidence on an international stage during their formative years."

Insights from Our Parents' Experience


"With the international certificate, my daughter can study at universities worldwide and easily demonstrate her qualifications."

Testimonials from the teaching staff

What our teachers say!

New paths for the future.

Principal Holger Köster


"Our students don't have to pay for anything related to the IB, from the exams to the teaching materials."

IB teacher Jill Gernhardt


"The IB program encourages students to grow, reflect, be curious, and break down prejudices, all while developing strong values."

IB coordinator Stephan Seidel

Our IB students achieve academic and personal success. They broaden their horizons, conduct numerous practical experiments, and grow on a personal level."

Testimonials from the business sector

This is what our business supporters think

For the future of the region

Klaus Gräbener, CEO of IHK Siegen

"We see a faculty that is leaving beaten paths, exploring new avenues, and fostering a school climate that encourages learning and is enjoyable."

Peter Weber, Mayor of the City of Olpe

"The International School provides a globally recognized educational path in the region, with a focus on social engagement, creativity, initiative, and personal development."

Stefan Tofote

Vice President HR Supply Chain & HR Services, Viega GmbH & Co. KG

"In terms of well-qualified talents, an education concept focused on individual development and multilingualism, such as the one pursued by the International School Südwestfalen, is certainly forward-thinking – and crucial for Viega as a globally operating corporate group. As a cooperation partner from the local business community, this offers us the opportunity to engage with the next generation early on. Therefore, we are pleased to contribute to this 'School of the Future'."

Portrait von Dieter Kohlmeier, Vorstandsvorsitzender Sparkasse Olpe-Drolshagen-Wenden

Dieter Kohlmeier

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sparkasse Olpe-Drolshagen-Wenden

"The Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe experiences a significant enhancement through the introduction of an internationally recognized high school diploma program. As a local Sparkasse (savings bank) located near the International School, it is our natural commitment to support this ambitious structural project through our membership in the supporting association and sponsorship. We anticipate that this will particularly benefit our local businesses by providing them with a competitive advantage in talent recruitment."

Peter Weber

Mayor of the City of Olpe

"The International School Südwestfalen is an integral part of the regional project initiated by the city of Olpe. The Südwestfalen Agency has recognized the project as particularly valuable for the region. The project is now being further refined. In addition, the city of Olpe, as part of a consortium with four other cities in Südwestfalen, was successful in its application to become a Smart City model municipality. The focus here is primarily on harnessing digital capabilities within the municipalities. The funding from the Regionale and Smart City initiatives will be used to support new learning methods and digitalization in schools."

Felix G. Hensel

President of the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) and Managing Partner of Gustav Hensel GmbH & Co. KG.

"An international school in our rural yet highly industrialized region is a beacon project in the educational landscape. For many globally active companies reliant on well-trained professionals and leaders, ISS as an integral part of Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe has become an appealing cooperation partner. Another crucial aspect for these companies is the opportunity to attract international leadership talent and to have a renowned school locally available to provide an internationally recognized high school diploma program for their non-German-speaking offspring."

M. Sc. Simone Diez

Head of People Development, Mubea (Muhr und Bender KG)

"The IB World School Olpe, with its international education, contributes to preparing our children for the growing global connectivity. For Mubea, as a globally operating family-owned company, this means establishing early contact with local professionals who can confidently navigate the international arena – a win-win situation for all parties involved!"

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Christian Hermann

Managing Partner of KRAH Electronic Components GmbH

"We support the International School Südwestfalen at Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe because it is a crucial element in our strategy to combat the shortage of skilled workers. It complements existing educational offerings and prepares future professionals for the challenges of a globalized market. At the same time, it makes the region more attractive to skilled workers who want to establish a life here with their families and value an internationally recognized education for their children."

Board Member of Volksbank Olpe-Wenden-Drolshagen eG

Markus Stottmeyer

"The implementation of the International School as an integral part of Städtisches Gymnasium Olpe presents additional opportunities for our attractive business location here in Südwestfalen. It offers prospects for securing the demand for skilled professionals and leaders of our regional hidden champions, as well as promoting cosmopolitanism and international exchange. As a regional cooperative bank and partner of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is both an honor and a responsibility for us to support this future-proof and sustainable project for our region as a member of the supporting association for the International School and as a sponsor."

Head of Human Resources at Krombacher Brauerei

Volker Arens

"The International School Südwestfalen brings together the expertise of SGO, the University of Siegen, and companies from our Südwestfalen region with the goal of providing students with international orientation a wide range of skills in various competency areas and laying the foundation for an international career in a Südwestfalen-based company through the acquisition of the "International Baccalaureate (IB)." We are already looking forward to welcoming the first "IB graduates" into the Krombacher family after their high school and potential university studies, to work together with them on the further development of our group."