Funded by the sponsoring association and the school authority

Multilingual education

International teaching methods

Internationally recognised diplomas


International education without compromise

IB World School in Olpe does NOT charge tuition fees

With our certification as an International School under the International Baccalaureate guidelines, we are committed to pursuing education without compromise. The IB Diploma Programme is aimed at all students with a secondary school qualification and is provided free of charge by the ISS. Supported and funded by the school authority and


the sponsoring association, which was established by the local business community, we offer expat families, international students, and students from the region and beyond a high-quality educational programme with state-of-the-art facilities, numerous extracurricular activities, and future-oriented study opportunities at our Olpe location.


Peter Weber

Mayor of the Town of Olpe

“The Internatinal School in Southwestphalia is a key component of the Town of Olpe’s regional project. Südwestfalenagentur [South Westphalian Agency] has classified the project as highly valuable for the region. It is now being fleshed out further. The Town of Olpe was also successful in its application as a Smart City model municipality in a consortium with four other towns in South Westphalia. The focus is on making use of digital opportunities in the municipalities. Smart City and regional funding will be used to support new learning formats and digitisation in schools.”

Holger Köster


"Die Zukunft gehört selbstbewussten Denkern, die sich reflektiert und selbständig in einer globalisierten und digitalisierten Welt bewegen! Am SGO und der Internationalen Schule Südwestfalen ist es unser Ziel, alle Schülerinnen und Schüler mit einem umfangreichen Lern- und Lehrangebot auf ihrem Bildungsweg zu selbstbestimmenden, starken und selbstbewussten Persönlichkeiten bestmöglich zu unterstützen und das ohne die Erhebung von Studiengebühren."

Winfried Fischer,

Chair of the School Association of ISS

“An exceptional school! Individual interests and strengths are cultivated. Teaching and everyday school life are tailored to the needs of students, parents and the future. This makes learning fun and lays the groundwork for the next generation of professionals.”