IB Diploma

Bilingual university entrance qualification

Numerous recognised language certificates

IB Diploma

International Baccalaureate at the ISS

The International Baccalaureate, which students obtain within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), is recognised in many countries as a university entrance qualification and is evidence of special achievement. The IB Diploma Programme's broad range of subjects imparts knowledge, skills, and international competences in a practice-oriented and hands-on manner with a focus on multilingual education. Here at the ISS, students have the opportunity to acquire the IB Diploma


within a two-year dual study programme and, with the double qualification of the IB and university entrance qualification as well as other qualifications, create the best conditions for living, learning, and working in a globalised world. As the only state school with certification as an International School, we also offer the IB Diploma free of charge and do not charge tuition fees thanks to the active support of our sponsoring "Association for the Support of the ISS at the SGO e. V."


International education from South Westphalia

Diplomas and additional qualifications

Language certificates at the ISS

At the ISS and the SGO, we offer our students the opportunity to acquire various language certificates. These include the acquisition of the Certi Lingua as well as the French language certificate DELF and the Spanish certificate DELE as proof of special qualifications in a European/international capacity. We also offer participation in exchange programmes, language travel, national competitions as well as support and advice for visiting schools abroad.




Bilingual university entrance qualification

The foundation of a future-oriented education is multilingual education. Students in the bilingual programme (from grade 5) can obtain the internationally recognised bilingual university entrance qualification, which is awarded with an additional certificate alongside the German university entrance qualification. In grades Q1 and Q2, English is taught as an advanced course and a bilingual basic course (geography or history) is chosen as the university entrance qualification subject.