Student-oriented, hands-on, and committed

Holistic approach to education, individualised implementation

Responsible and innovative

Multilingual and intercultural

Cooperative, social, and fair

Mission Statement of the IB Diploma Programme

We place our students at the centre of their own learning. In line with the IB's design-based and student-centred approach, learning processes are set up in such a way that newly learned content is linked to the students' experiences and existing knowledge and then reinforced through practical use and transfer to other applications. Moreover, this holistic approach to education is always oriented towards self-directed learning by young students, i.e. the students take responsibility for their own learning efforts and conscientiously reflect on the learning processes.

The learning profile of the IB Diploma Programme is a reflection of the IB's holistic approach to education. The goal of the International Baccalaureate is to educate curious, knowledgeable, and socially aware

young people who, through intercultural understanding and respect, will contribute to creating a safer and more peaceful world. The IB programme encourages students to become active participants of lifelong learning and internalise that other people, with all their differences, can also be right. Therefore, in addition to academic education, the IB promotes social, emotional, and ethically oriented personality development. The IB Diploma Programme is specifically designed to prepare young people for integration into a rapid and continuously growing global community and to play an active and responsible role in shaping it. The values of the IB Diploma Programme coincide exactly with the mission statement of the SGO , which focuses on tolerance and the responsibility of the individual for himself and for the community.


Strong Personalities

Confident & Reflective


We place a high value on promoting global awareness. Your children will grow up in a multicultural environment that teaches and practices tolerance, respect and understanding for different cultures, languages, and traditions.


We focus on developing strong communication skills. Through interactive classes, discussions and presentations, your children will be able to express their thoughts clearly and effectively.


Teamwork &

We emphasise the importance of teamwork and solidarity. Our students work close together on projects and in groups, finding solutions as a team and developing conflict resolution skills.                                                                                                                                                                             


We promote self-directed learning and prepare your children to acquire new knowledge throughout their entire life. By developing research and problem-solving skills, your children will be able to think independently and take on challenges.


Our school places great importance on social responsibility. We encourage your children to get involved in the community and make a positive impact on society through activities, volunteering, and social programmes.

Creativity &
critical thinking

We promote creative development and encourage critical thinking. Through practice-oriented projects and new teaching and learning methods, we encourage the development of original ideas with a reflective approach to topics and analytical skills.


Emotional intelligence is an important part of our school concept. We teach your children to recognise and regulate their own emotions and to develop empathy for others.


At our school, we focus on building the self-confidence of our students. Through support, encouragement and recognition of individual strengths, your children will be confident and motivated to achieve goals and perform in a thoughtful and self-assured manner.


Through challenges in the classroom and in life, your children will also learn to overcome setbacks, learn from mistakes, and maintain positive psychological and emotional health despite difficult situations.